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GPS function in Smartphone

Today the existence of GPS in the market is somewhat popularized. In addition, motorcyclists and motorcycles are now installing a lot of GPS, GPS has been integrated into some local well-branded smartphones. The GPS function in the smartphone, by its line – helps a person search for the location they are looking for. Simply put, a phone that has GPS planted inside will work in two directions. Because a smartphone has a two-way radio that spelled sophisticated to this moment. Thus, base towers or base stations and transmitter stations are arranged in cellular networks, when receiving and sending radio signals. The phone also has a fairly low power when transmitting the signal when it needs communication with the nearest tower. At the middle of the mobile readers then there is movement; when GPS users move from one cell to another the signal strength will decrease. GPS is applied to everyday life and not just for industrial purposes, but also to help track your family and keep an eye on it. You can get this kind of GPS at

Or at the same time, the approachable BTS tells you that your signal strength is on the rise. And when the GPS user is busy going to a cell, the signal strength will increase. Then, the signal tower at the top of the BTS will send signals from one cell to another. Location condition to be detected by GPS on a smartphone; there is a location with the least-there are 3 (three) satellites above us. For readers located in remote areas, chances are; The tower is positioned away from the user and will not be able to supply the signal consistently. The GPS device receives signals from satellites and then performs calculations so that in general view we can know the position (in latitude and longitude), speed, and time. Besides that also additional information such as distance, and travel time. The position shown is a geodetic reference system WGS-84 and time is a reference USNO (U.S. Naval Observatory Time). Scientists developed a configuration for a GPS system that can reach globally by using at least 21 satellites on earth orbit medium (MEO).