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Always Prepare Emergency Funds and Avoid Consumtive Lifestyle

The requirement to be a successful freelancer one of them is able to maintain a good lifestyle. It means not being a consumptive person. Freelancers are often the cause of financial difficulties is due to habits that are too consumptive life. If you get a salary, always want to buy something that is not even important to have. This may be because a freelancer is paid for his work per project which is usually certainly larger than the monthly employees. For that, a freelancer must be able to manage finances so that when not get the project can still survive until there is a project again. Because the amount of income a freelancer can not be ascertained every month. For that, we must always set aside money for emergency purposes that are very likely to be encountered. There is an emergency fund that you can use using

Looks trivial indeed, just record every income earned. But the benefits we get from recording each income is very much. So in completing the project the freelancer get will definitely get different earnings. By recording income, we can calculate how much needs can be taken from the salary. Because each project has a different income, you also have to be good at fixing income with expenditure. By recording earnings, you can use money effectively and efficiently.