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Post-Plastic Surgery Recovery Steps

Follow the recovery program from plastic surgeon salt lake city utah. It is important for you to follow specific recovery instructions, which may include any of the following:

– Use of drugs to control pain and swelling, and speed recovery.

– Cooling parts that have been operated as needed.

– Elevate the operated parts as needed, to reduce swelling.

– Avoid direct exposure to sunlight during the recovery period.

– Effective use of “drain” (hoses), which are sometimes included to remove fluid in the early recovery phase, such as after aesthetic surgery on the breast.

– Follow the doctor’s directions to find out how to use drain effectively, which will include how often the drain should be emptied, and whether the exit liquid should be weighed.

– Attend follow-up meetings in a timely manner.

To ensure optimal recovery of the wound, and the absence of any developing complications or infections, it is important for the physician to examine many things and for you to accept their professional evaluation. That way, if there are some problems with recovery, your doctor can handle and resolve them for future problems.