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The Use of Nitric Oxide in Medical Field

Since tens of years ago, scientists have discovered the benefits of nitric oxide in the human body. They say nitric oxide can prevent strokes and heart attacks.

The discovery originated from the curiosity of scientists against pills containing nitroglycerin. Since 150 years ago this drug has been used to treat heart disease because it can lower blood pressure.

It turns out that when taking the pill nitroglycerin into the blood cells and into the vein, supported by the body’s metabolism is formed nitric oxide. One of the ingredients needed to lower blood pressure. Apparently, nitric oxide can make arteries and veins become wider, the impact can lower blood pressure in humans. Nitric oxide can also prevent the occurrence of a blockage in the blood.

After the discovery, then scientists started to do more research about nitric oxide. Whereas previously in pharmacology, no one studied it because of nitric oxide in the form of gas.